Tell Us About Yourself: My husband and I moved to North Carolina 16 years ago from Ithaca, NY.  We currently live in Wake Forest with our 2 dogs and cat.  

Tell us about your yoga journey: I was introduced to yoga by my mother-in-law, Michele, when she came to visit in March.  She is part of the Yoga Farm Ithaca family and wanted to visit Kim while she was here and asked me to come practice with her.   After the first two classes with her I was hooked.  I started practicing two days a week and with the encouragement and support of other yogis and Kim, I decided to branch out from beginners’ classes.   I love the energy and variety of all the instructors.  You can tell they all love sharing what they do with the class and seeing us get stronger. My husband Jamie started practicing a few months ago too.  It has been nice to share this journey together.

What has yoga done for you? What benefits have you seen? My job is very intense and stressful.  I leave my phones in the trunk of my car during class – the technology-free 60 minutes focus on me is fabulous.  After the first few practices with Kim I found myself repeating centering thoughts and mantras she offered us to my team, other leaders, and my boss.  I have learned to breathe,  that every day is a new day, and I am able to let more go. I have become stronger and more self-confident to try new poses…even if I can’t do them yet.  

What’s your favorite pose? I have become very fond of balancing poses and the challenge they offer.  I was intimidated at first but now get excited when I successfully work through the interesting transitions offered.  I have also learned to accept that some days I am more wobbly than others.

Any advice for someone starting out or already on their journey?: Remember to breathe and that every challenge is an opportunity for growth.