Originally from Durham, I now reside in Franklinton, NC with my husband and stepson where I frequent small town pop-up events. Piper Moon had a promotional tent at one of these and this is how my story begins. Being athletic growing up, I never really batted an eye about getting older and losing muscle tone. But fast forward to me now, in my 50’s with mild scoliosis, and early degenerative disc disease. Doctors told me to strengthen my core but I was non-compliant with physical therapy. The brutal truth hit when I squatted to read something on a bottom shelf at the grocery store and could not stand up and struggled using my hands! It was a reality check. Where did time go and why didn’t I listen?? I immediately went to the internet to find Piper Moon making sure it was the studio with Kim and Tom. (First impressions are everything!) I attended the beginners class at 7pm on a Thursday and…. I have never stopped! Initially, I could not do a lot of the poses, but Kim gave gentle encouragement saying “Every time you try, you are just getting stronger” And she is absolutely right! I AM stronger! I don’t need PT and I can squat and lift with ease now. If I had to pick a favorite pose, it would be one I want to master. It’s the gentleman’s chair pose with eagle arms. If I can just do this without putting a toe down! 

I am SO thankful I found such a welcoming studio with an instructor/owner I trust. Kim is truly gifted.  The evening class eliminates my stress with its candle lit windows and lavender towels. I have found a lifelong yoga studio and most importantly lifelong friends. Namaste.