Class Descriptions

Beginners Yoga

Perfect for anyone new to yoga or looking to get back to basics. We’ll explore fundamental yoga poses in a supportive environment.

Hatha Yoga

This practice focuses on alignment and breathing to create a mind-body connection. Great for beginners or anyone wanting a deeper exploration into postures and breathwork.

Meditation and Sound

Recharge the body, mind, and soul with this special offering combining meditation and sound. In this 60-minute session, relax with guided meditations and the sounds of instruments including singing bowls and chimes. No meditation experience needed – this class is for everyone. Dress comfortably and bring pillows, blankets, or anything else that will make you feel cozy.

Power Basics

Explore foundational poses and flow in a fun, supportive environment. Some experience suggested.

Power Flow

Elevate your practice with this vinyasa flow class focusing on alignment to safely take your poses to the next level. Working the entire body, you’ll connect breath and movement, find power in balance, and lengthen and strengthen your muscles. You will leave this class feeling accomplished and empowered. Some experience suggested.

Prenatal Yoga

Designed specifically for pregnant bodies, prenatal yoga includes careful instruction on how to practice yoga with the unique considerations and needs of the pregnant body in all stages of pregnancy. With a combination of gentle and slow flow, a little rest & restore, some breathwork, and final rest, we will create a safe space where you will learn how yoga benefits the pregnant body and how to incorporate yoga into your birth experience and beyond. To cultivate feelings of security and self-confidence, as well as a safe space where everyone feels able to move and breathe freely, this class is only for pregnant bodies. 

Please call for Prenatal Yoga availability and scheduling – 984-833-7529.

Relax and Recharge

This gentle practice gives us an opportunity to relax and recharge our bodies and minds through breathwork, gentle movement, restorative poses, and meditation. Appropriate for beginners and experienced students.

Slow Flow

This slow flow combines gentler movement with a slower-paced flow designed to refresh and recharge the body and mind. This class is for all levels including beginners.

Vinyasa Flow

In this energetic practice we’ll connect breath and movement using fun, creative flows. Some experience recommended but not required.

Yin Yoga

While a traditional Yang yoga practice targets muscles, a Yin practice focuses on connective tissues, ligaments, bones, fascia and joints. In this meditative practice, props are used to support the body as poses are held for longer periods of time. All levels are welcome in this 60-minute practice.

Yoga for Kids Ages 5-9

Our kid’s yoga class is designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence and learn to manage all the big emotions they experience in their day-to-day lives. A typical class will have your child singing, dancing, laughing, and storytelling. Plus they will learn all of the traditional benefits of yoga such as meditation, breathing techniques, poses, and deep relaxation.

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