Workshops and Events

Poetry in Motion w/ Kara Keene – August 26th at 7pm

Tap into your inner poet in this 75-minute workshop focused on meditative movement and creative writing! We will spend time exploring and expounding our creativity through meditation, movement, and writing. When combined, each creative mode inspires the other(s). Come with your favorite notebook and pen/pencil, wear your most inspiring comfortable outfit, and be prepared to discover your innermost yogi-poet!

When: Friday, August 26th at 7pm

Investment: $20 (tickets are non-refundable)

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Sound Ceremony w/ Garth Robertson – September 16th at 7pm

Join us for a special sound ceremony with Garth Robertson to relax and restore your mind, body & soul. Here is what Garth has to say about his Sound Ceremony:

Sound: Even before verbal language, humans have used sound and song for healing, communicating and creating community.  Bone flutes have been discovered that date back to 45,000 BC; the ancient Greeks used zithers and harps to calm & entertain.  While the ancient practitioners may not have languaged the concepts of brain wave entrainment or the parasympathetic nervous system, they knew that Sound, used in deliberate and intentional ways, can calm a person to the point that their innate ability to self-heal activates.

Ceremony: Like shared song & intentional sound, the practice of creating and participating in Ceremony dates back 10’s of thousands of years; it is a basic human instinct.  We are social creatures; gathering together for moments of silence and reverence is at the very core of being human in relationship to others (both human and other than human). Ceremony  reflects our beliefs, hopes, traditions, culture, and spirituality while creating a container for belonging and amplifying our intentions.

I humbly offer Sound Ceremony: a modality that combines the two for a deep and meaningful experience.  Guided by Instruments from around the world, each person that is present co-creates the special container that we all use as a collective pathway into our deeper selves and our collective healing. 

This experience takes place on the studio floor (a limited number of chairs are available for anyone who can’t access the floor).  The more comfortable we can make ourselves, the deeper our experience will be.  Please bring anything (mats, blankets, pillows) you need to make yourself comfortable.

When: Friday, September 16th at 7pm

Investment: $25 (tickets are non-refundable)

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Poses on the Patio – September 17th at 10am

Join us on the patio of the fabulous Toros Tacos Y Tequila in downtown Franklinton for a 60-minute all-levels yoga practice! Feel free to stay after to connect and support Toros who will be open for lunch at 11am. The yoga practice is appropriate for all levels. Please bring your own yoga mat.

When: Saturday, September 17th at 10am

Tickets – $15 includes yoga

Toros is located at 14 N Main St, Franklinton, NC 27525.

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