Emily Kline

Tell us about yourself: A former teacher/education consultant, I have always enjoyed teaching others and exercise. After a lot of pep talks and strong coffee, I decided to take a stab at teaching yoga. My hobbies include music, reading, dancing, hanging with family and coloring (yep kids coloring books). I have a husband, a daughter and a dog.

Tell us about your yoga journey: As a child gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance were the things I loved to do most, and even at one point wanted to be Denise Austin (kinda still do).  Fast forward to age 17 for the official start of my yoga journey when I went to a yoga class at a local gym with my grandma and was hooked. I’ve been practicing since that day. In 2020, I decided to further my knowledge and finished my RYT.  Initially, I was scared to teach yoga in front of people, but my husband encouraged me to just do it anyways. I finally decided to feel the fear and teach online. After my amazing child headed off to elementary school, an internal debate with myself, and a really cool twist in the universe, I met Kim (thank you Kim) and here I am and it’s pretty darn awesome. (Thank you amazing friends I have met already and thank you to my future yoga friends)!

Describe your teaching style: Unique – the duck-billed platypus of yoga (haha). No really, I love teaching all styles and all ages. 

Any advice for someone just starting their yoga journey, or already on it? Don’t focus so much on what the poses look like – breathe, move around a bit, and find what feels good to you! 

Favorite pose: Pigeon – hurts so good (cue John Mellencamp) 

Favorite quote/mantra/affirmation: “When you dance your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer